Mad Noodle is an independent game developer, based in Brazil. Our goal is to make good games, with good themes, good mechanics and beautiful graphics.


In November 2019, the game project that was initially called “INF4CTION” started. We had the name of the game, but not the studio’s. Then came MAD NOODLE, which gives its name to this independent game developer. INF4ACTION changed its name to HYPER CELL DEFENSE and was released on July 15, 2020, but this story you can read in the following lines. I hope you like it and that it can serve as a motivating fuel for new PLAYERS to enter the development market of games.


Developed for Android in 2010. Its gameplay consisted of jumping and moving to the sides, this movement was done with the swinging of the device. Our character should jump from platform to platform avoiding obstacles and avoiding the feared enemies: Charlinhos and Charlinhos JR. Although it has had good reviews within the development community, it has never become a game that has actually been sifted by players.


Developed at the same time as HELLEVATORS, POMPLETS is a game in which you need to dodge obstacles and reach the end of the stage. The control of this wonderful ball of thorns was done by tilting the device. This game featured a top 3 online ranking system, in which players could compete for the top. Another success … not exactly.


Reign of Rebels is an Online Multiplayer / Hack and Slash RPG in the best DIABLO style, featuring various weapons, equipment, spells, missions and achievements! This project was one of the most extensive, All stages of development and it goes from 3D modeling to programming. The game weaves as a PC platform and even a few years ago it could still be played.

PVZ 4KB – 2013

This game was what gave the idea for what came to be Plants vs Z … JOKE! This game is actually a version of PVZ made for a contest in which the games should have up to 4KBytes. On the occasion it won second place and deserves mention here.


After several years developing games, learning and testing new things,
the invitation to create the arts for the skeleton of a new idea that had good mechanics
and could become an interesting game arises. They met with the intention of producing games.

JETPACK – STEAMPUNK is a platform game in which you control a scientist who has developed a jetpack to escape the city dominated by monsters, traps and dangerous obstacles. Along the way, he must collect gems and fuel for his steam jetpack. The game is based on the steampunk theme and tries to have a dynamic gameplay with a certain level of difficulty. After several months of development and the scope of the project getting bigger and bigger and seeming to have no end, both were discouraged and other projects ended up stifling this game that could be promising. Below you can see some assets and even an old gameplay. I hope that you like and maybe someday we will resume this game...

INF4CTION – 2012

This game was also developed for the 4 kBytes contest and was shelved for several years, the idea was interesting, it could be worked on, developed, still kept it. In this game you have to launch white cells by clicking on the left side of the device. These cells crash against the microorganisms preventing them from causing damage to you.


Remember the shelved game? Well he grew up and created wings!

The central idea followed the same, cells against microorganisms, that infinite war that happens practically every day inside our bodies. We started with an MVP (minimum viable product), after a few weeks the scope of INF4C … HYPER CELL DEFENSE was already another, much bigger than we ever imagined. Little by little HCD became a complex, rich game, with varied enemies, different equipment, many challenging levels, a store where you can buy items to help you, several different companions that help you during gameplay, an upgrades system that allows you to follow the difficulty that the game escalates… In short, the game has grown and grown a lot. In the middle of this journey another artist joined the team and since then it has added up very artistically. HYPER CELL DEFENSE was released on July 15, 2020, but we still work hard on it. Every day we have something to do. We keep polishing what is currently our jewel. But as we are talking about a game, it makes more sense than you play it instead of reading the words of a team passionate about what it produced.

How about trying a little bit of this game? Maybe it tastes similar to what it has for us …

Wizard Stones – Download now